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Author Desiree Jaeckle book signing!
Rising Sun Inn Lobby
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

A message from Author Desiree Jaeckle

Join me at the historic Rising Sun  Inn from 4:30 pm until 7:30 pm, Saturday, August 11, to learn researched facts about the hiding of the Liberty Bell during the Revolutionary War.  Revealed, are secrets that archaeologists, scientists and historians have recently uncovered . Unbelievably, until the late 1950s even people of the Lehigh Valley thought it was a legend.

Faction, is historical fiction at it's most accurate.  Some literary  license is sprinkled amongst  the facts to enhance the readers enjoyment.

This novel is entitled, "Hannah's Secret " and includes a second  short story entitled "Heat of the Dust".  It is about the Battle of Gettysburg and its impact on our nation and the youths whose lives could never be the same.

Also available
 "Golden Debt Anthology"
 "Mirrors of the Sun King"

Faction Based  on The French Revolution and 300 aristocrats who came to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, where they established  the secret colony of Azilum.  Here they escaped the guillotine, attempting to extend their life of opulence and greed.

"A Captive of the French and Indian War"

Take the arduous journey with Marie Drumm Keller through the last French and Indian War.  Considered the first world war, this seven year conflict would  spread havoc across the globe.  Not even a simple Pennsylvania Dutch farmer's wife could escape its iron grasp.  Like a Scullions page of the past, details of colonial captivity and scalping have been left to yellow and fray behind an old bookcase.

Resurrect colonial history by reading my books.  Delve into a world you will become a part of.  Finally you will treasure your freedom and the liberty our ancestors carved out of a wild and beautiful wilderness.

Desiree Jaeckle/Author